Sunday, 13 April 2014

Easter Show

I have an Easter tradition - it's called the Easter Show

I love the Easter Show- not sure why but I just do. I love seeing all the animals, the free samples in the Woolworths Food dome, the arts and crafts, the wood-chopping (the best) and so much more. 

I went with my dad this year while my husband played in his local soccer team. It was lovely having a nice dad and daughter day out. Dad started taking me to the Easter Show when I was 13 and would take me every year, it was so nice to have memory with him. 

I didn't buy a showbag this year, as there wasn't really any ones I liked but I did buy rocky road and caramel coated nuts, but I do know that I have gotten old when I got all excited about buying a quilt cover set and sheet set for only $50 - ha ha. 

If you get time this school holidays and you are in or heading to Sydney, check out the show, it's so much fun. 

Now just have to wait for next Easter to roll round to do it all again. 

1 comment:

  1. I love going to the show too! Our local Chinchilla show is on at the end of May.


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