Thursday, 10 April 2014

Japanese Prawns

Last week I tried a new Nigella Lawson recipe called Japanese Prawns (now up to 13 out of 150 recipes - see here for more details).

I don't always remember to have a proper lunch when I'm working from home on Thursday/Fridays so I forced myself by trying a new recipe.

I was really looking forward to it, there was wasabi paste, cooking wine, garlic and lime juice - flavours that should pack a punch. I decided to serve the prawns with rice noodles, not only cause they're wheat-free but they only take 2 mins in boiling water to be ready (me so lazy)

I will have to say I was terrible disappointed with the result. There was no flavour and it tasted very bland. Maybe I need to put more wasbi paste in, or find other flavour to add. Not sure if I will try it again, maybe.

My review:

Title: Japanese Prawns
Book/Page: Nigella Kitchen #190
Date Cooked: 3/04/14
Review out of 5: 2
Eat again: No
Notes: No flavour - very bland.

This would be the first Nigella recipe I've tried that I didn't like, oh well plenty more to try and taste.

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1 comment:

  1. I hate it when recipes don't turn out as well as you had hoped!



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