Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Moving – freer and lighter

For those of you that don’t know, my husband and I have just recently purchased our very first home – cue the confetti and balloons! No more renting for us, now we have a very own place where we call the shots. We are now in the process of sorting, packing and moving. It’s amazing what you can accumulate in a lifetime and in 6 years of marriage.

I'm talking 4 couches, spare dining room tables, cupboards, rugs, oh my gosh the amount of magazines, books, dvds, cds – so much stuff. I've given my craft supplies/books a massive overhaul. Donated so many books and sorted out what I do and don’t want. I'm yet to sort out my clothes, maybe a job for this weekend (that’s going to be a big job).

We've had to have a council clean up, overfilled recycled and rubbish bins each week plus parents helping out with the overflow in their bins. It’s been a big job but oh my it’s freeing.

We feel lighter, freer, not weighted down but our possessions. I never thought of us a materialistic in anyway but by freeing ourselves of the things that were not serving us there has been a sort of change, a shift if you will in our house, in our relationship actually – not just with each other but also within ourselves. We feel happier and more content with what we do have, yes there are things I’d like but I don’t really want them as much any more.

The moving process will be a lot smoother this time round, as we now have less stuff to pack and we are armed with way more boxes then last time. It’s tiring moving every 18 months, I'm so looking forward to stopping and settling for a little bit but I will have to admit it’s always an adventure.

The countdown is on – only 2 weeks till settlement left.

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  1. When we bought our place, I reckon we halved the crap we had at our old place and we still filled up the truck to max and had to drive carloads ourselves.
    we also made the mistake of moving the week before xmas. never again!
    waiting for settlement is so fricking exciting though - congrats!!

  2. I need to pretend to move. Have a good clean out. Then not move. Actually maybe if I just did the kitchen utensils drawer life would seem easier :) I hope your move goes without a hitch !

  3. Moving can be an incredibly freeing experience! Moving into your own home is awfully exciting!