Sunday, 25 May 2014

Zelda Cake from Nerdy Nummies

Friday was my brother-in-law's 25th birthday and he requested me to make a Zelda shield cake he saw on an awesome YouTube channel called Nerdy Nummies.

Zelda is a Nintendo game and the shield is what Link (the main character) uses in the game.

Now I've never made a cake like this before with so much fondant work but I was really excited for the challenge and so up for doing something creative instead of just unpacking and sorting our house out.

Since our oven isn't too crash hot (it cooks from the bottom up and the door doesn't close fully) I headed over to my mother's and baked the double batch of butter cake in her oven.

Once home, cooled and shape cut out, I got started on the crumb coat layer. While that was setting away in the fridge I mixed together my grey fondant, thankfully I already had blue, yellow and red pre-made so I didn't have to mix those colours up.

It wasn't that difficult to cake out all the little details just time consuming. I had printed out a picture of the shield and then traced off the details onto baking paper and cut them out.

I'm really impressed with the outcome, my brother-in-law was over the moon with it. He was really impressed with colours and said that it was extremely close to the original colours.

I had so much fun baking and making this cake, I look forward to do more cakes like this in the future, it's really given me confidence to step out of my comfort zone and give something different a try.