Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Lounge Room update

Our new house is processing nicely, we are getting the house sorted out the way we like. It's lovely being able to make our own choices in furtinure and layout. The photo above is what the lounge room looked like before we moved in.

Moving day was fun, it was raining most of the morning so most things just got thrown in anyway there was a spot.

It was a bit hetic living with so much stuff everywhere you turned but we got stuck into it and have cleared up the place pretty well.

Here are the after shots, it was MJ's idea to put the red rug in the middle of room "to give it a pop of colour and contrast" (he's been watching too many design shows).

We even splashed out and bought a new coffee table. Lovely piece that ties in with the brown on the couch.

Li-ver (our little budgie) is happy with her new surroundings.

We are going to replace the blinds soon and hopefully get round to painting and re-carpeting later this year/early next year.

There will be some more before and after shots coming up in the future of our other rooms.


  1. Looks fabulous and must be starting to feel like home . I had to enlarge the photo on my ipad and the reason turned out to be true. I helped my mum pick that recliner for home in that material!!!! and gave my daughter that rug for Christmas. How freaky is that! Must admire your taste lol

    1. Ha ha ha, that's funny. We got the recliner 2nd hand from MJ's uncle and the rug for Go-Lo. That is freaky, we both have good taste then :)


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