Friday, 2 May 2014

One Sleep to Go!!!

One more sleep till moving day – yeah!!!! It’s finally arrived, as silly as it sounds it still doesn't feel real, even though settlement has happened, everything is packed, the new place is cleaned and even has some boxes already over there. I'm sure once we spend our first night in our very OWN place it will start to settle in.
Oh my, the stress that comes with moving house is amazing. I know I've experienced it a few times over the last 6 years (we are now up to 5 houses in 6 years) but this time its felt worst.  Poor MJ has been studying for this CPA exam (which was on Wednesday) so he’s been busy studying away for that as well as working full-time with a big work load. We've been sorting out all our possessions and throwing out or donating what doesn't serve us any more. I've been packing for the last month and I'm so over boxes. We've had to delay settlement, cancel painters, get in professional cleaners to clean up the mess left by the previous tenants, change electricity companies, change phone/Internet companies, move Foxtel, mail forwarding, talk to real estates, conveyancers, banks, lawyers, mortgage brokers, lenders – you name it.
BUT it will be worth all this stress, when we can call the shots of our own place – pick out colours (which we need to redo since we had to cancel the painters), maybe replace carpet, change the look around to suit our tastes and the best part design my craft/office room (yeah!!!!!)
So wish us luck this weekend with all our moving adventures, I'll see you soon with plenty of photos. Ahhhh I'm so excited!!!!

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  1. Yay! Moving day is super exciting! Now you get to unpack all those boxes!



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