Friday, 6 June 2014

Bedroom Update


It's been a busy few weeks with getting the house all sorted out.

Thought I'd share with you how the bedroom turned out. I'm really happy with it, it's nice to have all my clothes in the one room. I even bought myself a new bedspread (the 1st one in 6 years), it was my grown up purchase from the Easter Show this year.

This is what the room looked like before we moved in.

The day we moved in was pouring rain in the morning so things just got placed anywhere there was a spot. Thankfully MJ's lovely aunty & uncle built the bed and made it for us so that we had somewhere to sleep that night.

It sure does look different now, nice and clean and crisp. I love the purple flowers in the bedspread, I feel like it brightens the room right up. 

We've kept with the red theme from the lounge room and bought ourselves some new red bedside lamps (as our old one were broken). 

This dresser is so pretty, my sister-in-law didn't need it any more so we gave it a new home. We removed the old blinds (which were so dirty and smelly) and replaced them with new blinds from Bunnings and sheer curtains in a gorgeous light blue. The room is filled now with lovely sunshine on sunny days. 

I still need to work out nicer ways to store my jewellery as I feel it's too messy looking but at least now it's all in the one place and I can find it without hunting through cardboard boxes.

I had the most fun sorting out the walk-in robe (I've never had one before). It was great to go through all my clothes again and see what I own - I did do a big clean out of my clothes before the move (3 big black bags worth). It's so much easier now to find what I want to wear and get dressed in the morning. We will be removing the door off the robe and I'll be hanging a full-length mirror along the wall, but that has to wait for the moment.

There was only one hanging rod in the wardrobe but I was lucky on my way home from work one day to see this hanger on a council clean up. So I picked it up and after a good clean with disinfectant my new hanger has a new home.

I never knew how many handbags I had - wow a lot. So after a good clean out and tidy this is the end result.

All my shoes are happily in place to be easily found and worn.

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