Sunday, 22 June 2014

Jenolan Caves

MJ and I finally got to go away for a night this week while he was on holidays from work. MJ picked the Jenolan Caves - beautiful spot. Peaceful, quiet, cold and no phone reception (which was lovely).

I highly recommend a night or two up there for anyone. It's cheaper to go during the week, we stayed over on a Thursday night cause Friday and Saturday nights are much more expensive.

We went on 3 cave tours - The Diamond Cave, The Orient Cave and The Lucas Cave - all absolutely stunning in their own way. If you buy tours for more than one cave you get the other caves 1/2 price - score!

We stayed in the Mountain Lodge, and it was everything you need. A bed and a shower - perfect.

We ate at Jeremiah's Bar - I had a wonderful porthouse steak and chips, washed down by a great cider. We played pool in the hotel's pool room - I won 2 out of the 3 games!

There are several bush walks around the caves as well, it was beautiful weather so we did 2 of the walks. So I am now able to cross off number 50 on my 101 list "Bushwalk in the Blue Mountains" or close enough to the mountains.

It was fantastic to have a short break away, hope we can do another one again soon.  

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