Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Kitchen/Dining Makeover

Getting the kitchen and dining room in order was the best thing, since I do a lot of cooking and have plenty of baking items it was wonderful to find places for everything.

This is what the rooms looked like on the day we moved in, so many boxes. We had to search the boxes just to find food to eat. The black plastic that's on the floor was to help stop mud and water getting on the carpet from all the rain on moving day. 

There is less pantry space in this house compared to the rental we were living in so it took some creative thinking to sort all the food out. 

It took nearly 2 weeks before we could sit at the dining room table to eat dinner, I really don't like eating dinner on the couch. 

We had a lovely set of wooden cupboards given to us which go perfect with our wooden dining table. So one Friday I was finally home all day and could get stuck into mess. So here the before shot.

Here is the after shot, it looks so much better and brighter.

Everything has a place now so it will be easy to find everything and know what's missing too.

Never underestimate the power of the plastic basket, they're so versatile. 

My cookie jar collection has a new home where everyone can see. 

I complied my cookbooks and cooking magazines down to a smaller pile and donated the rest.

We are going to get a new oven, cooktop and rangehood installed soon, we have them but we're just waiting till the electrician we know has a free moment (so looking forward to that day). We can now also eat at the dining room with a nice view of Liverpool (England) night time cityscape.

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  1. You're making some great progress! It must feel soooo good to be able to find things again.

    When we moved to Homelea I only have a short period to unpack in so our huge walk in pantry became a disaster area. Mum helped me sort it out over Christmas (after living at Homelea for a couple of years) and everything now has a home.


    1. Yes it's wonderful to be able to find everything.

      That's good your mum could help you get the pantry all sorted out, yes that's the thing with unpacking and sorting if you don't get it done, it takes ages to finally do it.


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