Friday, 20 June 2014

My little studio

I now have my own little personalised studio (aka craft room but I think studio sounds more sophisticated).

Everything is set up and in it's place so I can easily just sit down and work away. I've got space for my laptop, study area and sewing machine.

I love have a my own little corner I can play away in without being in the way.

Here is the before shot - so many boxes, I did do a good clean out which was a great help.

Here are the after shots:

I've even got my own little mascot/guard dog watching out for me. Not sure how well he would do in a fight.

I've also made sure there was room for my paper mobile I made last year at craft camp.

Since there are built in wardrobes I've made sure I've put them to good use. Now everything is neat and packed away ready for use and a moments notice. I'm in love.

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