Saturday, 12 July 2014

Do we ever grow up?

Do we ever grow up? Do we ever grow out of childlike ways? Or do we just get worse as we age?

This week I was the subject of an email - not a good subject but a subject to laugh at and complain about. Worst of all the women sending the emails were all over 40 and some of them I thought were good friends.

It felt horrible hearing them all tapping away on their keyboards and laughing about me (if you ever send a email make sure your computer screen is covered up). It wasn't a very nice moment, it felt like I was back in high school being laughed at all over again.

But it did get me wondering about something - do we ever grow up? or do we just kid ourselves?

I'm not even sure if you'd call this behaviour childlike. To me it's petty, just a sad form of entertainment and another way to feel better about yourself while putting others down.

When will our society learn that putting others down doesn't make you feel better or look better. It does nothing of the sort. Building people up on the other hand does make not only you feel better but the other person feel better too.

I know we don't always get along with everyone and things that people do annoy us (sometimes a lot) but if someone does something to annoy you, don't complain about them behind their back (especially by email) just ignore them and get on with the job at hand or maybe talk to them and find out their motive behind the situation (you might just find out there is a very good reason for it).

Has something like this ever happened to you?

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  1. Hey sis. People who are so petty and pathetic often lead petty and pathetic lives. On a good day I can feel sorry for them. Not that that is frequently easy nor lets them off the hook for inappropriate behaviour. Big hugs always.