Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Hosting a 3 course dinner

I've always wanted to host a 3 course dinner (#13) and last Friday I finally did.

My parents loved it and I had so much fun cooking and preparing all the food. I even got to use another Nigella recipe (#74).

For Entree I found a really quick and easy recipe for Tomato Bruschetta on the Taste website (see here). I've never made bruschetta before but I love eating it and now that I know it's so easy to make I think I'll be having it more often.

Main course was Bang Bang Chicken from my 4 Ingredients Diabetes book (see here). Once again so easy to make and my parents really enjoyed it.

Of course dessert is always what you want the most and I whipped up an Instant Chocolate Mousse (recipe here). It was ok but I think I added a little too much vanilla as it had a little bit of an after taste but thankfully my parents didn't notice or they were just being polite.

I always love having a special drink with special dinners and this dinner called for sparkling apple juice served in wine class to add to the sophistication (I even made a little menu too).

My review for the Instant Chocolate Mousse:

Title: Instant Chocolate Mousse
Book/Page: Nigella Express #159
Date Cooked: 4/07/14
Review out of 5: 3.5
Eat again: Maybe
Notes: I think I added too much vanilla

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