Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Oven update

When we moved into this new place the existing oven, stovetop and rangehood were terrible.

The oven door didn't close properly and cooked from the bottom up so it burnt everything.

The rangehood was filthy and every time you turned it on the smell of the previous occupants food came out (yuck).

So I got to do something I've only dreamed about - buy a new oven!!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!!!

It was so much fun shopping around for good prices and looking up what are decent brands and reviews.

We took all the measurements correctly - or so we thought! The oven ended up being too small for the space and the stovetop was too short one side and too big the other way.

Thankfully I've got a very handy dad who was able to fix it up and you wouldn't even know there was a problem. It's awesome to have helpful parents.

After 6 years of living with rental ovens, its fantastic to finally have an oven that cooks correctly and doesn't burn the bottom. Here's to many happy baking moments.

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