Friday, 1 August 2014


It's been a very draining,emotional and heart breaking week for our little family.

Life can get so tough sometimes, so tough that when you open your eyes you wish you could just close them again and make all the pain go away. But it doesn't, it's there through everything you do and everything you say. You try to function but cannot find the strength inside to keep going. You fall into a heap and cry your heart out because the pain is just too much to handle.

We sadly lost another baby at 6 weeks again. One was hard enough (see here) but now two in one year is just excruciating.

Our hearts and minds need time to heal and process as it's opened up old wounds again.

They say it's common but why is it so common?

I know MJ and I will get through this together cause we love each other so much and support one another wholeheartedly. Thank you God that we have each other.

Goodbye Worf (the baby's nickname) our 31 days together meant the world to me.

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