Monday, 18 August 2014

Rained out 30th!

My wonderful MJ turned 30 last week so yesterday we had his family over for a bbq to celebrate. But since it was pouring rain we couldn't really go outside to bbq so we called on the local takeaway store for bbq chickens to go along with the salads.

It was a great day, MJ really enjoyed himself which was the main idea.

MJ loves Star Trek so I thought I would try and replicate U.S.S Enterprise. It didn't really go too well and ended up a bit patchy but MJ loved it and said that the Klingons attacked the ship. Ha ha!

I kept the Star Trek theme going with some cupcakes with chocolate tops. I melted some Cadbury melts and used my silicone Star Trek tray for the toppers.

I bought one packet of chips, cause this packet had no onion and no gluten to help with the allergies in the family. But I think I might have bought a bit too big a packet since we still have about half a packet left.

When it comes to table decorations I'm very simple. I usually pop a few party poppers over the table and go with where they land.  

On the request from MJ's 26 year old cousin we spent the afternoon watching Disney's Frozen, with the whole family singing along with "Let it Go". It was fun, a different way to a 30th birthday.

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