Thursday, 11 September 2014

In Society No One Wins.

Society today is a fickle creature, always changing it's mind, never straight forward, it changes shape every day. One day it's your best friend and the next your mortal enemy. You could be the best thing ever today and a total loser tomorrow - society always has the final say. 
In society no one wins!!!!
You might be supporting the ice bucket challenge today raising funds for charity and then tomorrow you are condemned for wasting water. Today you could be wearing a mini-skirt and be told you are empowering women to wear what they want and then tomorrow you could be told you are degrading yourself by showing too much skin. 
You can never win!!!!
I was reading some articles the other day and one was entitled "15 Stars who refuse to take it off for the cameras"  - one of the quotes from the article was "these famous ladies don't have the courage to (or may they're too polite?)" but then on the flipside this article about Miley Cryus, she is being looked down on for going topless. So how does that work? How can you condemn someone for not going topless and then condemn them for going topless?
"Be proud of who you are" - but not too much or you're a stuck up bitch. "Speak your mind" - but not too much or you'll be too opinionated and told to shut up or asked if you are having your periods. "Celebrate your differences" - but only as long as no one else has a problem with it. "As a man you should be more gentle and caring" - but don't show too much emotion or you'll be considered a sissy. "Men should look after themselves more" - but be careful or your sexuality will be questioned. 
It's just madness that a society like this has been created and exists - but who created it??? who controls it???? 
It's a mystery - some say it's us but when we stand up against society it's others that try to stamp us out. 
I'm not saying society is totally evil or immoral or anything of the like, it does have it's place but it does need to be a bit more loving and accepting. 
So lets start showing society how to be loving and accepting, lets show society that it will not break us.  
"Cause the players are going to play, the haters are going to hate, heartbreakers are going to break, fakers are going to fake - but I'm just going to shake it off" Taylor Swift 

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