Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Taking Stock - September

Sometimes in life you just need to slow down, stop and take stock of what's going on in life. 

It was a quiet day here at work today so while no one was looking I decided to reflect on my life. 
Making : Trying to teach myself to crochet - I'm testing my skills with a granny square
Cooking : Just basic meals (meat and steamed vegies) but this week I'm going to make a dish I haven't cooked in ages Pumpkin and Rice Macaroni casserole. 
Drinking : Good Ol H20
Reading: I'm a serial multiple book reader - "Allegiant" by Veronica Roth and "You'll get through this" by Max Lucado
Wanting: A new digital SLR camera as mine is broken (my birthday is coming up soon)
Looking: For purpose
Playing: The Simpsons Tapped Out 
Deciding: What needs to go on the weekly grocery shopping list
Wishing: MJ's studying was already over (not for another month) 
Enjoying: Planning our combined 30th party that's happening next month (yeah excited)
Waiting: For mangos to come into season
Liking: Seeing the sun more
Wondering: Who decided the order of the alphabet 
Loving: Specials on Strawberries at the shops (oh so sweet and good)
Pondering: Why do people act the way they do 
Considering: Cutting my hair to something completely different 
Watching: Reign on Fox8 
Hoping: For some beach time this summer
Marvelling: about the beautiful blue tongue in our backyard that scared me the other week 
Needing: A good nights sleep - no more nightmares please 
Smelling: Toast cooking (from the office kitchen)
Wearing: Work clothes (flower patterned pants, dusty pink top and a light white cardigan) 
Following: Inked In Colour's life project entitled "Nothing New" 
Noticing: Peoples moods changing with the weather 
Knowing: Every time I build a couch fort my husband will come and destroy it like an evil traitor 
Thinking: About all the sad and scary news that's happening at the moment 
Admiring: Emma Watson and the amazing speech she gave at the HeforShe event 
Sorting: My nutrition assignment out ready to submit 
Buying: A fun summer dress with BMO all over it (Adventure Time)
Getting: pretty overseas presents from my parents (I love my new Holland necklace) 
Bookmarking: Recipes from Raspberri Cupcakes 
Disliking: All this sad scary news
Opening: Penpal letters from the US, UK and AUS
Giggling: with my partner in crime at work pulling harmless office pranks 
Feeling: Mute - neither happy nor sad at this present moment 
Snacking: I'm loving prosciutto this week  
Coveting: I'd love to own a Macro lens but I need a new camera first 
Helping: Convincing MJ to participate in Movember to help raise money for prostate cancer
Hearing:  Mouse clicking and distance radio (work noises), I've also dragged out my Ipod for the car and listening to some good classics and one hit wonders 
What does your list look like? Leave me a link below if you've done this yourself. 
This idea is a Pip Lincolne original idea- check her out she's ace! 

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