Wednesday, 17 September 2014

What happens at camp.....

I got to spend a lovely weekend in the Blue Mountains at craft camp. I love going to craft camp and catching up with all the ladies there and getting some UFO projects finished. 

This camp I wanted to work on 3 card kits that I had and I'm impressed I finished all of them. I didn't make all of them exactly like the picture in the kit but I'm happy with the outcome. 

Every camp there is a dress up dinner on the Saturday night - this time it was 'Spring Fever'. I finally had a reason to go out and buy a tutu (even though I really didn't need a reason to buy one). 

We all got a lucky door prize and I was lucky to receive some brand new stamps and fabric strips. 

I did come home early on Sunday morning so I could head into the city with MJ and his cousin for Comic Con - which was so much fun!!! Yes we did have a little fan moment when we saw William Shanter in the distance - ha ha!!! Next Comic Con I'm so getting dressed up in some kind of costume. 

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