Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Message of Hope - End of an Era!

It's the end of an era - last week MJ completed his final CPA exam - YEAH!!!!!!!
We're both so excited, for you see this will be the first time since we got married (6.5 years) that MJ will not have to study. He studied for years working full-time and completing his Bachelor of Accounting through Open Uni and now the last 3 years has been working full-time and completing his CPA, he does still have another year of CPA but it's a mentoring part now which is through work. 
I've been so proud of MJ's commitment and dedication to his studying for all these years and now we can look forward to a new era of no study, no exams, no late nights, weekends back together and a new hope of better things ahead. 

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