Sunday, 12 October 2014

Messages of Hope - Loving me at my worst.

There was no Messages of Hope last week cause I was really sick with a tummy bug but instead of writing about a hope story I got to experience one in it's place.

At the moment my amazing husband MJ is currently studying for his final CPA exam that's only a week away so it's crunch time with study. While he is studying full bore I am making sure meals are on time, bathrooms are clean, floors vacuumed etc but last weekend I came down with a stomach bug (well I think it was from that 'Australian Style' feta I bought).

I haven't had a stomach bug in over 5 years and MJ is usually not very good with vomit (sorry) but even while he was studying he made sure he was there to pull my hair back, help clean me up, keep my glass full of water and tried to make me feel comfortable.

It showed me that even though he was in the middle of something extremely important (as this is a massive and hard exam coming up) that he will still be there for me when I need him most, I'm still at the top of his list.

Thank you MJ for loving me at my worst, including vomit - ha ha!!!!

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