Friday, 7 November 2014

Checkerboard Birthday Cake

As I shared with you the other day, MJ and I had a combined 30th birthday party and we had a very bright checkerboard birthday cake.

It was so simple to make that I wanted to share with you the secret of how it was made.

At first glance this looks like a plain birthday cake covered with buttercream and sprinkles.

But it is a disguise - for you see the inside is filled with colourful goodness. 

So how did I do it? Well I didn't cut up the cake into circles and place them back together surgically, I used a Wilton Checkerboard cake pan set I bought at the Cake & Bake Show this year. 

I used my trusty Margaret Fulton butter cake mix which I tripled the mixture for. I then separated the batter equally or close enough into three separate bowls and coloured each one a different colour. 

Then I followed the instructions as to which section you had to pour which batter into and baked. 

Once each layer was baked and cooled I could then start to decorate. I used a post-it note on each so I could remember which layer was which. 

Since it was so hot and I didn't have any room in my fridge I let the cakes cool overnight and decorated the following morning. 

I use a basic buttercream mix of butter, icing sugar, vanilla and a splash of milk - it's always a winner. 

I spread buttercream in-between each layer to help keep it moist and taste more delicious.

I then added on the top layer and spread buttercream all around the sides and top which I covered in different coloured sprinkles. 

So as you can see it's nice and simple but gives a great effect. 

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  1. Looks amazing and it's interesting how it is created. I made a rainbow layer cake and have made it my signature cake dish haha. Though I haven't made one in a while I'm going to make a Christmas one this year. I shared my experience here


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