Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A light in the darkness

At this time of year Martin Place Sydney has its amazing Christmas tree shining bright with all its lights. People are walking around shopping and general merriment is in the air, there's a real Christmas feeling in the air. I felt that Christmas feeling when I was in Martin Place staring up at that big tree on Saturday night.

Monday morning rolled round and that light was extinguished, that feeling was darkened. One persons choice changed all that and stole that light away. There is now 2 people that will never come home, they won't be there come Christmas morning with their families opening up the presents that were bought for them with such love and care. Three children now know the pain of having no mother. Darkness has entered their world and all of ours too.

Christmas is a time of happiness, hope, joy and peace or so it should be. What's happened this week in Sydney is anything but. It doesn't feel right to feel happiness, hope, joy or peace because it was destroyed with anger, hate, violence and fear.

How can we celebrate with so much sadness?

We choose love!

We choose not to hate!

We choose to follow the light path not the dark path!

You find your way through the darkness with a light not with more darkness.

We now all need to come together and express the true meaning of Christmas - LOVE!

Only with love can we make it through. 

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