Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas 2014 and the food that was....

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful fun filled day or days (3 in our family).

Christmas is a wonderful time of year to catch up with family you don't see so often, open up surprise presents and of course to eat food you don't eat during the rest of the year.

I was busy in the kitchen this year with 3 Christmas events to go to, so I thought I'd share with you what I got up to in the kitchen this Christmas 2014.

As always there was my ultimate favourite - Sweet & Salty Crunchie Nut Bar - oh my gosh, as it's describe in the recipe book, it's the kitchens version of crack cocaine - it's so addictive.

We also have our Christmas tradition of the cookie tree - MJ gets so excited over this one.

For MJ's family Christmas, I decided to try a new recipe from Christmas Taste magazine "White Chocolate & Peppermint Cake". I hit a bit of a snag with this one, I forgot to add the melted white chocolate to the buttercream and didn't realise till after I had assembled the cake, well let's say a meltdown did ensue and after I calmed down and took MJ's advise, I just poured the white chocolate over the top of the cake and hoped for the best. It did taste amazing the next day but I'll warn you don't eat a big slice as you will get a sugar rush to the head.

For my family Christmas, I tried out a Donna Hay recipe from her Christmas magazine "Raspberry & Ginger Cheesecake" - I'm sorry I've got no photo as it was eaten so quickly before I even remembered to take a photo, but if you'd like see what it should have looked like, head over to this link and check it out.

For the extended family Christmas yesterday, one of my cousins is a vegan and I remember last year there were no desserts for him to eat, so this year I wanted to set that right and made an amazing Vegan Apple & Gingerbread Cake (recipe by the fantastic Minimalist Baker). Not only did it pass my cousin's taste test, it also passed everyone else's, which is a bonus.

We are now so over food now that we don't want to eat any more, but still always manage to find space for that extra piece of crunchie nut bar.

I was also very lucky and received some amazing presents this year, I really love the candle holders my brother-in-law's girlfriend decorated for me, very sweet.

What did Santa bring you this year? What great food did you have? What are some of your favourite memories from Christmas this year?

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