Friday, 13 February 2015

Creepy Crawly Horror Stories + giveaway

This post has been bought to you by Louie the Fly from Mortein.

Don’t you just hate it when you go to have a nice bowl of porridge to only find out the moths had the same idea?

Or the creepy spider who thought it was a great idea to come out of the shower fan while you were drying yourself and possibly wondered why you were started screaming?

Or the cockroach that thought your hand was a great playground at 1 am in the freaking morning?

Or the wasp who thought he’d take a short cut through your back door only to find the front door closed and didn't know what to do next?

Or the ants that thought your niece and nephew didn't need any more lollipops and processed to demolish the entire packet and your husband doesn't need to eat anymore choc chip homemade muffins?

Most of these moments made me jump out of my skin (or in case of the shower – my towel) and run for the nearest Mortein can which I then processed to dump a few good sprays on the culprit. I really only needed one spray as that’s all is required to kill the little guy but in the heat of the moment my killer instincts come out to fight, but thankfully as it’s odourless you don’t choke on any fumes.

We've been having a moth invasion lately and sadly much food has been lost in the war, so we decided to hit the house with a control bomb as it helps break their breeding cycle and now we can eat our porridge and rice without being disturbed by a rogue moth. 

I also found now we don't get visited by many wasps or mozzies anymore as they've sent out a memo saying we have an auto outdoor spray, so I can now read my book outside without being eaten alive.

Mortein have quite a few good pest control products out now including their NatueGard range which has a plant-based active ingredient.

Mortein would like to help you with any creepy crawlies that bug you (see what I did there) and they've given me a Mortein pack to giveaway to one lucky reader valued at around $75. 

The pack includes:

Mortein NaturGard Auto Protect Outdoor Citronella

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment below telling me your creepy crawly horror story and you're in with a chance (winner will be chosen at random)

Competition closes Friday 20th February 2015 - open to both Australian and New Zealand residents.

Winner will be notified Saturday 21st February 2015. 


  1. I've been waiting for the right chance to tell this story hahaha. Stayed on Norfolk Island ( fabulous destination except for this bit by the way) in a January. There were masses and I mean masses of tiny moths that would fly in to our accomodation by night by the unscreened bathroom window. . Some didn't have the courtesy to leave ever :( They freaked me out and I was haunted by the ( hopefully) myth of eating bugs while you sleep. I also was terrified they would slip into my ears. Anyway after a night out , being lazy I didn't take my make up off (and I wear the mascara that you add extra fibres to for length) I got into bed and slept well. I awoke in the morning to a heavy eye, blobby with what I thought were the mascara fibres. No, it as a moth that had obviously crawled across my face and had got its little feet caught in the mascara. Swept the place well immediately and no longer were windows left open hahaha

    1. That story makes my skin or should I saw my eyes crawl - ewww!!!! You deserve to win for that story.