Friday, 13 March 2015

Meat Free Week is on again

Meat Free Week is on again - 23rd to 29th March 2015 - a week where I will be eating no meat!!!

Once again I will be participating to help raise money for Bowel Cancer Australia. Bowel cancer is 2nd larger cancer killer in Australia. I want to help raise awareness that too much meat in our diets is leading to a rise in bowel cancer (it's not the only thing that causes bowel cancer but it's one of the major contributing factors) as we are not meant consume the amounts of meat that we are currently consuming. The world average of meat consumed is 41.9kg - here in Australia we consume 111.5kg per person per year - that's a heck of cows!!!!

I'm not saying don't eat meat - I eat meat but through doing Meat Free Week I've learnt just reducing the amount of meat we eat helps our health and the health of the environment.

I would love your support this year doing Meat Free Week and you can help by heading over to my donation page here - and make a small donation.

I will be sharing my experience here on the blog and if you follow along with me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you can see my daily experience and food choices for the week.

Please join me and together we can make a difference for those suffering with bowel cancer.

Pictures from Meat Free Week website. 

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