Monday, 27 April 2015

My opinion is different to yours

My opinion is different to yours

Your opinion is different to mine

Does that give you the right to belittle and ridicule me?

Does that give me the right to belittle and ridicule you?

No it doesn't!!!

I've witness lately some real attacks on people just for expressing a difference in opinion. It happens everywhere, online, at work, in homes, with friends.

We are allowed an opinion, we are allowed to disagree but we have no right to rip, drag and pick apart the person that doesn't agree with us or force them to agree with you.

If we all had the same the opinion this would be a very boring world instead. We’d all look the same, dress the same, have the same haircut, eat the same, talk the same – oh man that would be insane.

A friend of mine once got really angry with me because I wouldn't agree with him that horror movies are fantastic to watch and I should watch them. I told him that I'm glad he enjoys them but I just don’t like them. That drove him insane and he just wouldn't accept it, in the end I had to choose to leave the conversation and walk away because he was so angry with me.

Another friend of mine has attacked me over doing yoga as she doesn’t believe in it, it’s gotten to the stage that I don’t bring up yoga around her cause she gets so mad about it. Once again she’s allowed to not like yoga that’s fine, but there’s no need to attack me over it.

We need to stop attacking each other, each of us have our own life where we choose our own actions and have to live with the consequences of those choices. Yes if you know someone is doing something that could hurt them, tell them that but be respectful of their opinion and decision.

It can be good to have different opinion because you can learn a whole new perspective that you never knew about before.

So take the time to listen, you might learn something new or you might teach them something new.

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