Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Stop the blaming!!!


We were put on this earth to love, respect and look after each other even if we don’t get along. We are all in this together; we are all the same in that we all need protection, acceptance and love.

Men are naturally physically stronger than women, it’s just the way nature is, there’s nothing wrong with that, what is wrong is when that physical strength is used to intimidate, control and hurt.

A friend of mine just recently got out of a very verbally abusive marriage to a man that she thought loved and respected her, a man that said on their wedding day he would look after her. She was one of the lucky one, she took all the strength she had left and walked out the door.

Her abuse had been going on since the day after she got married and she hid it from everyone including her family for months. She blamed herself, she made excuses for his behaviour, she hoped it would stop, she got professional help but it only got worse.

Domestic violence happens more than we care to admit because people don’t want to admit it’s happening to them. My friend waited over a year before admitting it was happening. Since admitting it, she’s been faced with accusations from some saying she didn't try hard enough, she’s too sensitive, she should put up with it because marriage is for life. This blaming needs to stop!!! NOW!!! We all have a choice over our actions and he choose to scream at her, to belittle her, to treat her like crap. She’s not to blame for his actions as he has made the decisions to do what he's done not her. 

Also it’s not just men that do this, women do it too. We've got to stop hurting each other and get ourselves help. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, I've been seeing a psychiatrist for 5 years for my depression/anxiety and I’m so grateful for all the help Suzie has given me, I'm a much better person for her help.

34 women this year have died in Australia from domestic abuse (that's 2 a week) from people they loved and thought they could trust. That's 34 less beautiful people on this earth and what's wrong is that women are still being blamed for it. Stop blaming the victims and start helping the ones that are doing the abuse, start getting them help so they can become better people.

Please let’s stand together and put an end to domestic violence so that others like my friend can smile and know there’s a brighter future out there for themselves. 

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