Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Health & Wellbeing at The Wellness Show

Last week I visited the iconic Luna Park with a lovely friend of mine for The Wellness Show. It was a free show with some great speakers and wonderful stands all about health and wellbeing.

We heard from Therese Kerr, who talked about all the chemicals and toxins that are in our beauty and cosmetic products.

Oh my gosh talk about a mind explosion. I knew there were nasties in products but I didn't realise how many and how sneaking the industry is. Did you know that the cosmetic industry is self-regulated? Meaning that the safety of the chemicals in cosmetics are deemed safe by the people who create them. Meaning there is no independent testing to see whether or not these chemicals are in fact safe. Shocking news!! Plus you can buy the word organic and stick it on your product even if it’s not organic, so make sure you only use certified organic.

The one thing that I really took from Therese’s talk was if you don’t want chemicals on your body, stop putting them on there, find safer alternatives, also another point that struck me was “you are either moving away from or moving towards health – there is no in-between”.

Justin Robinson from the Geelong Grammar spoke about expressing gratitude.

Gratitude is a choice, you choose to be grateful, only you can make that choice no one else, it’s in your hands. Gratitude is not just a thought it’s an action, because when you think grateful you will then want to act out gratefully too, there are flow on effects. So take the time every day to find something, no matter how small to be grateful for.

Jenni Madison from Coconut Magic talked about as you might have guessed coconut oil.

She spoke about beauty being the by-product of being healthy and happy. Also the power of plant foods: foods that cleanse, foods that heal and foods that offer nutrition.

I always use olive oil for cooking but I'll be switching to coconut oil now, as did you know when olive oil is heated up it becomes a carcinogenic.

Coconut oil also helps balance blood sugar (which is good for my hypoglycaemia), stops sugar and carb cravings and is very powerful for digestion. So much goodness all in one oil, I'll have to start looking into this more – I know I'm a bit late to the game but better late than never.

Last speaker we listened to was Kristine Carlson talking about “Don’t sweat the small stuff”.

Kristine talked about the five principles of the mind.

1. The principle of thought – “What is the quality of your thinking?”

50% of our thoughts are negative and 80% of those thoughts are repeating every day.

2. Principle of moods – “How does my mood shape my day?”

Moods are like the weather, they go up and down.

3. Feelings

What would it be like to return to our natural state of mental health and wellbeing as quickly as children do?

Acknowledge your feelings and emotional state without getting ‘caught up’ in the story.

Feel to heal – pause.

4. The principle of separate realities – “How does my reality collide or cooperate with others?”

You are always coming at life from your own lens. The filter is made from my past, beliefs, valves etc.

5. Present Moment Living

Fear takes us out – Love brings us in.

You are only 50% engaged in what you do – wow that was a mind blower.

Happiness comes from perspective in life.

Hope you enjoyed what I learnt and the reading the notes that spoke to me the most. When the Wellness Show returns next year, I'll differently be there as there’s so much to learn in this world, fascinating stuff.

Photo taken by me

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