Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Visiting a memory... 8 years on

Let's travel back in time to the year 2007, it was early July and very cold. A 22 year old girl was being picked up from work by her boyfriend of 4.5 years.

When her boyfriend arrived at work, she found a single red rose on the passenger seat. Once she got in, she was advised they would be going a little afternoon road trip. Upon asking where the answer she received was "a surprise".

After driving for about an hour and a bit they arrived at Wentworth Falls in the lovely Blue Mountains region. Finding a park they both processed to follow a walking track that took them to an amazing view of the falls (hence the name Wentworth Falls).

Waiting until other onlookers had left the scene the boyfriend got down on one knee and proclaimed his love and ask the girl to marry him, which of course she said "YES".

Fast forward now 8 years and that boy and girl have been married for 7 years and are still very much in love, also if you haven't guessed already that 22 year old was me.

So why am I telling you this quaint little story, well last Thursday for the first time in 8 years we went back to that very spot where MJ proposed to me all those years ago. It's quite funny and strange to visit a place with such memory attached to it, like visiting a dream.

This time though we walked down to the top of falls and explored a few of the bush tracks. It was magical, I could almost hear the soundtrack of Lord of The Rings as we wandered through mist and speckled rain.

Memories are fascinating creatures, it's a blessing to keep them alive. What memories do you like to keep alive?

Photos by me

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  1. What a beautiful place for such a special memory. With all the 'Fancy Nancy' style , over the top, make it viral, type proposals I must say I think the style your husband used ( private, between you two) is so much more special.

    1. Oh thank you :)

      It may have been simple by some people standards but it was unforgettable and special for me.