Friday, 3 July 2015

Book Review - ‘Life & Love’ Creating the Dream by Lisa Messenger

Do you want to be deliriously unapologetically happy?

Well Lisa Messenger is and she want to share that happiness with you.

Life & Love is an amazing book, every page oozes with love and inspiration.

Lisa talks about attitude and gratitude, love, confidence, finding your tribe, love, creativity, community, style, social media (how to use it as a force for good), role models, staying humble and did I mention love?

We need to be ourselves and stop putting on masks, yes you might be weird but we like that. Be you and don’t apologise for it. Meet everything in life with love and gratitude and this world will be a better place. Even when life gets rough, choose the higher road.

I love the way Lisa speaks in this book, it’s as if she’s right there in the room with you having a coffee and cake and talking to you as a best friend. Lisa doesn't big note herself even with all her success, she’s incredibly humble and knows how much hard work is required to achieve.

The book is filled with inspirational quotes, beautiful pictures of Sydney Centennial Park and Lisa’s dog Benny is adorable.

So do yourselves a favour and get out there and buy this amazing book. I don’t often get excited about books like this, but it was wonderful to read something that hits at the heart of my passion – “to spread love and kindness”. I've dreamt of writing my own book someday and this is exactly the kind of book I’d love to write.

Can’t wait to read her other book Daring and Disruptive and I'm heading out to get my hands on a copy of The Collective as I want to be a part of Lisa’s positive movement to inspire.

This is not a sponsored review I just really liked the book and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

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