Friday, 7 August 2015

5 simple ways to reduce plastic

I've been reading a lot lately on sustainable living and our reliance on plastic. It’s astounding how much plastic we consume on a daily basic as not only a national but as a world in general. We use a product that struggles to break down and is full of chemicals for so many one time only uses.

I have made a decision to reduce my reliance on plastic and see what other alternatives there are out there instead.

So I wanted to share with you what I'm doing in our household to help make a positive impact on the earth.

1. REDcycle – I found out about this company from Inked in Colour when she shared about it on her page. It’s a great initiative by REDcycle through Coles and Woolworths to help recycle soft plastic (bread bags, frozen food bags, muesli bar wrappers, plastic bags etc) and have them reused and repurposed in new products such as park benches.

Since I started taking up my soft plastic to my local Coles I've noticed how much plastic there is out there and by seeing that I can now take further steps to reduce usage. But it’s great knowing that the soft plastic I do use can be recycled.

2. Coffee shops – How many times do you go out for coffee or hot chocolate (as I like) and you get given a disposable cup? If you are staying in the coffee shop you can easily ask for a mug instead (I did this the other day at Gloria Jeans and it cost the same price) or you can give them a reusable cup instead (like this one) that are made to barista standards so they can fit under the coffee machine.

3. Farmers Markets - The Farmers Market is usually all loose veggies and fruit so take your own reusable bags and when you need weight anything in bags, just do so then tip the contents into your own bag and give the bag back for the next person to use.

4. Make your own food wraps - Instead of getting out the cling wrap to cover up a bowl in the fridge try making your own food wraps. Tortoise and Lady Grey has a great easy tutorial on how to make your own. I'm going to give this a try soon I just need to find somewhere to buy some beeswax.

5. Think - How many times do we think about what we buy before we buy it? Not often, I've really been getting into this habit the last few years since working part-time as I didn't want to waste any money. Most of the time can you get the item second hand (op shops or eBay)? Can you borrow it if you don’t need it for long (such as a book or a certain tool for a job)? Can you get it handmade (Esty or markets)? Can you make it yourself ? Is it long lasting? There are so many questions you can ask yourself before buying but the most important question is why? Why are you buying it? Do you really need it? As I know many times I've bought things that I didn't really need and then ended up being stuck with them.

Do you have any tips to share? I would love to hear what other people do.

This post is not sponsored or anything I just wanted to share what I've been learning lately.

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