Saturday, 15 August 2015

Joy and Happiness

Joy = delight, a feeling of great pleasure and happiness
Happy = content, lucky, glad, feeling or showing pleasure or contentment

Happiness and Joy get thrown around a lot these days, ask anyone what do they want to be and surely the answer will be "to be happy". We all want it, we all seek but are we all getting it?

The other night at church we had a guest speaker talking about "facing trials with joy". I don't think he meant it to come across the way it did but it felt like he was saying it was wrong to not feel happy when facing trials, almost like whatever happens in life we should be like "Oh I've got trials and suffering in my life, I'm so happy and joyful to be facing them". I really hope that's what he meant in his talk (I'll give him the benefit of the doubt since it was he's first ever sermon - so he did alright).

If the sermon did anything it got me thinking about how do we face trials and suffering then? After some journaling and thought this is what I personally feel.

It's okay to not be happy with trials and suffering, in fact I think it's perfectly fine to be like "Oh crap, this sucks, I don't want to do this, this is too hard". BUT I feel you can combine the two together - "Oh man this sucks, this is crap, I'm not happy about this at all but today I'm grateful for........... (fill in the blank)". You can dislike and be unhappy with the trial but (there's that but word again) you can still: find good in the world, still pray even when it seems silent, still be a decent person and not use your circumstances as an excuse to be a dick.

That's the difference, you don't have to find the joy and happiness in the trial and suffering, all you need to do is look around and notice the joy and happiness that's in other areas of your life and seek them out, as they will give you strength to face whatever it is you are facing.

How do you deal with trials and suffering?

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  1. I agree that you have to feel the bad stuff when it happens otherwise you're pushing it under the carpet where it will fester and grow. Gratitude is a great way of putting it into perspective and this is something I've done alot as I've been learning to live with my chronic illness.

    With love,