Friday, 28 August 2015

My Life

I want to live simply, slowly, mindfully, with low impact.
I don't want to be caught up in the ways of the world, I don't want to live for materials, for wealth or for the glory of being busy. 
I want to live for Christ and spread His love and message throughout my daily life. 
I want to treat the world with the respect and care God asked us to do at the beginning of time. 
I want to lessen the chemicals in my food and products. I want to reduce my reliance on plastic. 
I want to raise my future children with a loving and caring mindset for people and creation. 
I don't want to live by other peoples expectations, I want to live by mine and more importantly by God's exceptions. 
I don't want to get caught up in what the world says I should be doing, what works for others doesn't have to work for me. 
I want to be remember by one phrase only "she loved" 

How do you want to live? 

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