Friday, 1 January 2016

No act of kindness is every wasted

Do you ever feel like that by being nice to people you are really just banging your head against a brick wall? What is really the point? Do they even notice you being nice? Should you just give up and not care and be mean too?

I've felt this way so many times, several times a week in fact. You hold the door open for someone and they don’t say thank you or you ask someone how are they today and they completely ignore you. Why should I continue to care when it seems like the world doesn't even notice and the world doesn't even care itself?

Well in fact the world does notice and the world does care, you just aren't always privileged to see it, except now and then you get to catch a glimpse. Thankfully I caught a glimpse the other week.

Where I work there’s a lot of different personalities and wow can they clash sometimes. There’s one lady who clashed with others the most and recently had to be let go at work. I was saddened to hear what had happened to her, so I sent her a private message on Facebook asking if she was ok and the last line of her reply really touched my heart: thank you for just being you for that 4 years.

So my kindness was noticed, my good mornings and goodbyes were heard, my politeness even on bad days was taken in. I wasn't being nice in vain it did make a difference, yes it did take me 4 years to find out that it had though.

What I learnt from this is even though some days it’s extremely hard to nice etc it’s still a worthwhile venture because you just never know who is paying attention or what is being taken in. On those days where you feel like you've got a headache from hitting that brick wall so much, remember that headache is worth it as you are making a difference in that person’s life and in the world by just being you, that caring and kind sweet you. Keep going, it’s worth it. 

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