Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Where's the compassion?

Since the invention of the Internet troll I've noticed compassion is falling to the wayside. You only need to read the news websites to see that half the articles now are Twitter comments of people demeaning each other in 140 characters or less - it's become a competition of who can slander the fiercest.

A child is hurt - "where were the parents?" "how could the parents be so dumb" "why were they watching them?"

A girl is assaulted - "why was she walking there?" "what did she say to them?" "what was she wearing?"

A car accident - "I bet it was a P-plater"

A TV personality is struggling - "That's what you get for being famous, serves you right"

We are all so ready to tear each other down at the click of a keyboard. Would you say those things to the person face-to-face? Would it be so easy to tell someone to kill themselves while looking them in the eye? You can so easily type horrible messages to a woman who has lost her child to a crocodile attack but could you say it to her in her lounge room while watching her mourn? Why do we think we can say these things via a message and they not cause harm? Or do we know they cause harm but just don't care?

Growing up we were told "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" - where did that disappear to? Is it left in the past with our dignity?

We all have different opinions but why is it when one differs from another there's an explosion of hatred and words like bigot and racist get thrown around like confetti. Let's debate but at the end of the day we all need to agree to disagree. We are not all going to think the same but express your opinion with consideration not bitterness.

Are we all just so hurt in our own lives that we need to spit that hurt onto others? Spread the bitterness around so we not the only ones bitter?

I stand here today ready to start a compassion revolution. I want to help reverse the cycle of hate and start a cycle of light instead. So who's with me? Who's ready to start spreading some more compassion today?

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