Monday, 12 September 2016

Happy Birthday Milhouse

Happy Birthday dear Milhouse, you would have been 2 today.

I still hold you in my heart and think of you plenty.

I wonder what you would have looked like and if you were a boy or a girl.

I think about your smile and what colour your eyes may have been.

I try to imagine the sound of your voice and how your laughter may have sounded.

I think about you often and still wipe tears from my eyes, even though you were only a part of me for such a little while.

You made me grow up a little more and see the world from a different point of view.

I know you're looking down on me and smiling upon your new sibling, I think you would approve of him.

I know one day we'll meet again when my time on this earth is done and I'll finally get to throw my arms around you like I've wanted to all along. But until that special day arrive I'll keep you in safely tucked inside my heart.

I'm grateful for your lessons and what you've shown I'm capable of. I shower your little brother in love every single day, and today together we wish you a happy birthday.

Love Mumma

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